Presidents: Andrea Dodd, Sue Jones Secretary: Janice Harris. Treasurer: Norma Brunsdon. Committee Members: Christine Byrne, Moira Elliott, Sue Evans, Gill Hilditch, Philippa Pill, Adrienne Skinner.


Wednesday 21st August 2019

ILLNESS - Please see any member of the committee if you know of any of our members who may need our support.

SALES TABLE – From the money raised a cheque for £200 has been sent to the Wirral Ark Homeless Project. Thank you for continuing to support the sales table.

BIRTHDAY DINNER- The committee sent a letter to the manager of The Little Fox pointing out that, although the venue was good, the staff helpful and the quality of the food good, there was insufficient food and some members went home hungry. A copy of this letter is on the noticeboard as is the manager’s rather unhelpful reply.

SOUTHPORT FLOWER SHOW – Feedback tonight.

WI BADGES – If anyone would like to order an enamel lapel WI badge we will be sending away for them soon. Motto: Inspiring Women. Cost £5. There will be a board, and example tonight.

RIVERSIDE DINERS – Really enjoyed their meal at the Ship.

SPEAKERS – Currently speakers are chosen by a member of the committee from word of mouth recommendations and a handbook of suggested speakers. We thought we would open up this process and give members the opportunity to be involved. If any one, or group, of people would like the challenge, please contact a member of the committee at the August meeting. Support will be given.

SOUTH WIRRAL GROUP – Friday November 15th meeting, Neston Riverside’s turn to provide refreshments.


WESTERN APPROACHES – Liverpool. Visit to this huge WW11 underground bunker, the nerve centre for the Battle for the Atlantic. Thursday 10th October. Cost £9. Board tonight.

WILDLIFE FESTIVAL – We have been invited to represent the WI at the Neston Earth Festival on Sunday 22nd September at Neston Community Youth Centre. The emphasis is on sustainability and the environment, and possibly cakes and preserves. We are holding a meeting at Andrea’s house at 2pmon Friday 23rd August to discuss ideas such as our campaigns, support for charities and craft work and would really love for other members to come along with suggestions and offers of support.

CHESHIRE FEDERATION AUTUMN MEETING- 8 tickets have been applied for.

FUTURE BIRTHDAY MEALS – We will be asking members tonight whether they still wish to have the Birthday Dinner in July (July was originally chosen in the hope of having good weather and venues that could take advantage of it) or to have the meal in January, which is when our Anniversary actually falls.
Do members prefer a lunch time or an evening Do?
Any suggestions as to where to have it/what kind of event to hold?


RIVERSIDE CLICKERS – Next meeting 22nd August 2pm at Net’s Cafe.

RIVERSIDE READERS – 2nd September at Philippa’s house. We are reading “The Mother-in-law” by Sally Hepworth and “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides.

RIVERSIDE WRITERS – 21st August at Pauline’s house. The theme is “Neighbours.”

RIVERSIDE DINERS – Sheldrake, Wednesday 4th September at 6.30.

The theme for September is Harvest.

Next Meeting -
18th September. Handcuffs, Truncheon and a Polyester Thong by Gina Kirkham

Teas: Jennifer Ricketts/Jan Reece