Presidents: Andrea Dodd, Sue Jones
Secretary: Janice Harris
Treasurer: Norma Brunsdon
Committee Members: Christine Byrne, Moira Elliott, Sue Evans,, Gill Hilditch, Philippa Pill, Adrienne Skinner

Neston Riverside WI. Newsletter no.97
Wednesday 19th June 2019

Diaries and calendars: to order now. Diaries £5, calendars £3.30.
Anglican Cathedral Visit and Tour: a small number attended and found it very enjoyable.
Diners Club: The diners enjoyed a very nice meal at the Pollard Inn.
Al Rahma Mosque Visit and Tour - feedback tonight.

Upcoming events:
Neston Fair: 6th July. Offers of help welcome and contributions towards a hamper that can be raffled.
Real Food Kitchen: Tapas workshop, 9th July 6 to 8pm. Please pay NRWI £30 tonight.
Birthday Dinner: 17th July 7.30 at the Little Fox. Please pay NRWI £25 tonight.
Southport Flower Show: 16th August. Please pay NRWI £30 tonight.
Cheshire Federation Autumn Meeting: 21st October. Speaker Rev Kate Bottles. 11 to 3.30 at Mere Golf Resort and Spa, Knutsford. Tickets £14 including sandwiches, cake and soft drink. Tickets have to be ordered by 23rd August. Board tonight.

Riverside Clickers: (27th June?) Please check with one of our Clickers to confirm the date. 2pm at Nett's café.
Riverside Readers: 1st July 7.30 pm at Philippa's house.
Riverside Writers: 17th July 2pm at Philippa's house.
Riverside Diners: 3rd July 6.30 pm at Kri Kri. Board tonight.
Saturday Club: There has not been much demand for this so far so we are taking a break through June and July. If you are interested in the club and/ or have ideas as to how it could continue please speak to a committee member.

Next Meeting: 17th July. Birthday Dinner.