President: Pauline Hignett. Vice Presidents: Julie Dawson, Sue Jones. Secretary: Janice Harris. Treasurer: Norma Brunsdon. Committee Members: Julie Dawson Andrea Dodd, Gill Hilditch, Sue Jones, Philippa Pill, Dee Pope, Judith Whiteway.


Wednesday 18th July 2018

ILLNESS - Please see Julie or any member of the committee if you know of any of our members who may need our support.

NEWSLETTER – We will try and put “Upcoming Events” on the website ahead of the meeting so that you will have an idea of what boards will be out, and if you know that you won’t be able to attend you can ask a friend to sign you up.

COMMITTEE MEETING – All members are welcome to come to committee meetings to see what goes on. The next committee meeting will be on the 8th August in the Church Hall at 7.30. We would be delighted to see interested/curious members.

ADELPHI AFTERNOON TEA: A good afternoon was had by all on a very hot day. The costumes were amazing. See Facebook.

IRONWORKS: A successful event, enjoyed by all, especially the complimentary ice creams.


BARNSTON WI: has invited our group to a show and exhibition on Saturday 21st July 10.30am to 4.30pm in Barnston WI Hall; 118 Barnston Roda, Barnston. Adults £1, children free. There will be flowers, floral art, craft, baking, art and photography. Also a sales table and refreshments.

GOLDEN WEDDING: Gill Hilditch’s Golden Wedding Anniversary is this year and she has invited members to her garden for tea and cake on Friday 3rd August at 3.30pm. She has stated that no presents or flowers are needed.

SAMBA DRUMMING: Thursday 9th August. From 2 to 4.15at the Church Hall.

VOTES FOR WOMEN CELEBRATION TEA: Thursday 4th October 2. 00 at the Church Hall. £3.00 a ticket. Bring a friend. Those who wish to may dress up or just wear the colours of violet, white and green. There will be refreshments, including cakes. The Rhapsodists will be singing and the Creative Writers will also be contributing to the entertainment. The Rhapsodists are donating prizes for the raffle and proceeds from that will go to Tomorrow’s Women Charity. This charity helps women offenders who are trying to turn their lives around.

LEAHURST: Visit being arranged for Wednesday 19th September at 2pm. Board at August meeting.

TERRACOTTA ARMY: Visit to the World Museum, Liverpool to see the Terracotta Army Exhibition is being arranged on Thursday 13th September at 11.30. Board at August meeting.

AUTUMN COUNCIL MEETING: To be held at the Storyhouse Chester on Wednesday 17th October. Tickets are £13. Speaker is Eve Pollard.


RIVERSIDE CLICKERS – Thornton House Care Home are holding a fete on the 25th August at which they will sell some of the blankets the Clickers have made. They were very grateful for the twiddle muffs made by the group also.
Next meeting 19th July at Net’s Cafe.

CREATIVE WRITERS – Next meeting at Maureen’s house 25th July at 2pm

RIVERSIDE READERS -Next meeting at Philippa's house 13th August

Golden Wedding 3.8.18
Samba Drumming 9.8.18
Votes for Women afternoon tea 4.10.18
Terracotta Army trip 13.9.18
Leahurst 19.9.18
Autumn Council Meeting 17.10.18

SALES TABLE – The theme for August is: Anything Goes.
A reminder that the money raised goes to charity, £169 has been raised so far. This will be rounded up to £200. The 4 nominated charities are:
The Charles Thompson Mission
Northern Lights
The Village Hall in Ness
Clatterbridge Cancer. Members will be invited to vote for their choice of these at the August meeting.

August Meeting: Nepal After the Earthquake by Charlie Bartlet

Teas: Janice Reece and Jennifer Ricketts