President: Pauline Hignett. Vice Presidents: Julie Dawson, Sue Jones. Secretary: Janice Harris. Treasurer: Norma Brunsdon. Committee Members: Julie Dawson Andrea Dodd, Gill Hilditch, Sue Jones, Philippa Pill, Dee Pope, Judith Whiteway.

Wednesday 20th June 2018

ILLNESS - Please see Julie or any member of the committee if you know of any of our members who may need our support.

NEWSLETTER – We will try and put “Upcoming Events” on the website ahead of the meeting so that you will have an idea of what boards will be out, and if you know that you won’t be able to attend you can ask a friend to sign you up.
It has been brought to our attention that a lot of our outings seem to fall on a Thursday. Some of our members can’t manage Thursday because of other commitments, therefore in future we will try and spread the events across the week.

COMMITTEE MEETING – All members are welcome to come to committee meetings to see what goes on. The next committee meeting will be on the 11th July in the Church Hall at 7.30. We would be delighted to see interested/curious members.

LIVERPOOL SYNAGOGUE: 11 members had a good day out visiting the Synagogue. The building appeared drab on the outside but once inside it revealed a beautiful interior and we had a very interesting talk on the Jewish Faith. The Anglican Cathedral was our choice for lunch and we were all surprised to see the Moon Exhibition on its last day.


ADELPHI AFTERNOON TEA: Thursday 28th June. 5 members have signed up. The parade starts at the Queen Victoria Monument in Derby Square, Liverpool. Pauline will provide W I sashes to members. The entrance ticket will also double up as a raffle ticket so please keep it safe. Please make your way to the Adelphi for 1pm if you are not taking part in the walk.

OSWESTRY IRONWORKS: Thursday 12th July. 21 members have signed up. 3 places are still available on the coach. The coach will leave the Royal Oak at 9.15.

BIRTHDAY DINNER: Wednesday 18th July. Brook Meadow Hotel Childer Thornton. Cost £23. Please return menu and payment tonight.

SAMBA DRUMMING: Thursday 9th August. From 2 to 4.15. 9 new drummers and 4 repeat drummers have signed up.

VOTES FOR WOMEN CELEBRATION TEA: Thursday 4th October 2. 30 at the Church Hall. Bring a friend.

LEAHURST: Visit being arranged for Wednesday 19th September at 2pm.

TERRACOTTA ARMY: Visit to the World Museum, Liverpool to see the Terracotta Army Exhibition is being arranged on Thursday 13th September at 11.30. Board tonight.

AUTUMN COUNCIL MEETING: To be held at the Storyhouse Chester on Wednesday 17th October. Tickets are £13. Speaker is Eve Pollard. Board tonight.


RIVERSIDE CLICKERS – The next meeting at Net’s cafe is Thursday 21st June

RIVERSIDE READERS – Meeting at Julie’s house July 16th at 7.30pm

CREATIVE WRITERS – Next meeting at Sandra’s house 21st June at 2pm


Adelphi Afternoon tea 28.6.18
Oswestry Ironworks 12.7.18
Birthday dinner 18.7.18
Samba Drumming 9.8.18
Votes for Women afternoon tea 4.10.18
Terracotta Army trip 13.9.18
Autumn Council Meeting 17.10.18

SALES TABLE – A reminder that the money raised goes to charity. Please support generously.
The theme for August is: Anything Goes.

July Meeting: Birthday Dinner