Programme 2018

This years Programme of meeting talks and events.
New programme

17th January
Gary Hart: How Parliament Works: The Daily Processes at Parliament
Teas –Elaine Hammond/Christine Hannah

21st February
Louise Jenkins: Hotter Shoes
Teas - Christine Harm/Judith Hatton

21st March
Ian Black: Hairdressing Through the Ages
Teas – Jeanette Hough/ Susan Kendall

18th April
Mike Pill: Audio Visual Evening
Teas -Bev Lacy/Elizabeth LePoidevin

16th May
Social Evening
Teas – Janet Lewis/Pauline Miller

20th June
Lyn Smith: A Potted History
Teas - Jayne Peters/Janet Rae

18th July
Birthday Dinner

15th August
Charlie Bartlett: Nepal After the Earthquake
Teas – Janice Reece/Jennifer Ricketts

19th September
Ruth Thomson: Women in WW11
Tea - Ann Roochove/ Ann Shakeshaft

17th October
Depti Shukla: The Sari
Teas -Anne Cooper/Pauline Bladon

21st November
Annual Meeting
Teas -.Barbara Gill/Christine Byrne

19th December
Christmas Social